Hello and welcome to Sirenia cattery's website!
Our names are Ilona and Ella Bihovsky, and we are the owners of the CFA registered cattery “Sirenia”. Our cattery located in Israel.
Our cattery specialized on breeding Himalayans and CPC Persians.
Sirenia is a small cageless cattery, all our cats live free in the house and are part of loving family.
Our cattery is very proud of the bloodlines and cats we have, from such catteries as: Karabel, Catley Crue, Fluffy Charm, Sandypaws, Co-Bridge, Oakheaven, Kitty Charm etc…
Our goal is to produce healthy, high quality Himalayans, with sweet and friendly temperament.
In our cattery you can find new kittens available from time to time, so please do not resist to email us!.
Thanks to all who entrusted us their beautiful cats, we appreciate it!.
I hope you enjoy to visit our website.
Best regards,