Our names are Ilona and Ella Bihovsky
and we are the breeders of Himalayan & Persian CPC cats.

The cattery is located in Haifa, Israel.
Our cattery’s name is registered in the CFA.

We treat our cats in fact, the level of temple.
We do not keep them in cages, all our cats are full family members.

Our cattery SIRENIA was planned as a little private cattery.

SIRENIA’S breeding cats have various of beautiful blood lines: Brigantina, Co-Bridge, Grovewood, Kitty Charm ,Sandypaws, Oakheaven, Karabel, Purringwood, Caley Crue and other well-known catteries.

Our goal is to produce healthy, loving, well-socialized kittens who fit the CFA breed standard. In my breeding program I only use PKD – negative cats. My breeding programe is to improve the type of the Himalayans to creat the type of Heavy, short & cobby body, beautiful very big sized deep blue eyes , tiny ears, beautiful luxury coat and sweet fluffy faces.

We are always here to help with questions, please feel free to contact us about any question.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my website.